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Offense-Defense PREview is 100% devoted toward showcasing your talents - those you were born with and those you've spent countless hours improving. PREview is going to revolutionize the way young athletes congregate and share information in the 21st century. The very best of information technology meets football minds of the highest level in order to package your online presence in a way scouting services and college coaches most want to see.

PREview is changing the visibility and recruiting game.

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Over the past five decades, Offense-Defense has continually pushed the envelope when it comes to taking football players' games to the next level. After placing hundreds upon thousands of talented athletes at the collegiate and professional levels, we expanded our reach into the scouting and All-American arenas. After all this, we still felt we could be doing more. This is why we're rolling out PREview - it's an increasingly competitive world out there and want to give as many deserving athletes as possible the best chance they can at getting noticed.

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How will college coaches search for players in the database?

Below you will see an example of how a college coach will search for a player he is looking for. In the example, the college is in Louisiana and the coach is looking for players from surrounding states. He has picked the states that he wants to search. Next he has specific criteria for the player. He has input the position he is recruiting for, Linebacker, and the players physical stats. He has also input his academic and combine requirements. He clicks the submit button which generates a list of the players that fit his criteria. He can now look through those specific players profiles and review their film and other stats. At that point he can communicate with any players he wants to interview and find out more about the player.

How college coaches search for football players

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